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            “Solid Core” Acrylic Siding

The FLAGSHIP of current Siding Technology,  CEDAR RIDGE “Solid Core” Acrylic siding is siding with exceptional performance. 


Get Cedar Ridge Rigid Core Acrylic Siding on your Portland Home with Hometown Exterior Design Composite Siding InstallationCedar Ridge is a composite siding with a natural looking beauty that invites comparison with “real wood” siding. It’s natural grain look says “this must be the real thing”.  And the WideBoard planks match the look of the most popular wood sidings. Cedar Ridge "solid core" acrylic siding comes in a wide variety of today's most popular exterior colors.

  1. Only Cedar Ridge "solid core" Acrylic Siding gives you the “LEXSTAR” difference. This exclusive formulation is the “skin” that locks out weather, wind, sun and time. And locks in the natural beauty.
  2. Our Performance Purple Cedar Ridge rigid core backing includes Perform Guard to help repel termites and carpenter ants.
  3. The Cedar Ridge rigid core backing system fortifies corners and other areas most vulnerable to heat loss and damage. 
  4. 300% more impact resistant.
  5. Virtually maintenance free siding.
  6. Never needs painting.
  7. Withstands winds up to 130mph.
  8. Locks out noise   -  up to 45% more than vinyl siding.
  9. 17 better air infiltration protection than vinyl siding with backer board.
  10. Manufacturer guarantees at least a 20% improvement in energy savings in the first year or they’ll pay the difference.
Cedar Ridge composite siding is guaranteed for the life of the structure. Transferable to all future owners.

Hometown Exterior Desings Offers Acrylic Siding & Composite Siding for Vancouver, Washington HomesBecause of our diversity and experience we are able to show you the differences between all of the products available to you today and help you with making the your decisions on the right siding product, style, profile, trim accents, colors, and overall appearance that will be just right for your home, regardless of homes age.

And to help you choose which siding style, color and accessories would look best on your home, we provide a FREE” IN-HOME DIGITAL DESIGN SERVICE. At your request, we will send one of our design professionals to meet with you at your home and discuss the possibilities for YOUR home. We then photograph the area of your home that you are considering upgrading and will then show you YOUR HOME with the upgrades and colors (before and after photos) so you can make the final decision on siding styles, profiles, accessories, and colors before paying a dime or starting the siding installation process. This allows you be very confident and in control so that you are making the right decision for your home.

Free In-Home Digital Design Shows Cedar Ridge Composite Siding on Your Portland HomeOur siding installers have many years of experience and are trained in the proper installation aspects of  all of our siding materials. This assures our customers that the work being done on their home is done to proper standards allowing complete warranty coverage and peace of mind in their decision.

Get Siding With Exceptional Performance to Repel Termites with Cedar Ridge Solid Core Acrylic SidingEvery Siding project (be it acrylic siding, vinyl siding, or any other siding) that we do includes our Optimum Exterior Weatherization Package including a special RAIN-SCREEN system for the ultimate moisture barrier. Channeling systems on windows, doors, and corners. Plus sealing and caulking of all of the framework, our special system will reduce heating and cooling costs, while protecting your homes exterior envelope, and your improving your investment.

If you are looking for the ultimate in protection for your home for not only now but in the future years to come, Cedar Ridge "solid core" Acrylic Siding is by far your best choice. Although a little more expensive that regular vinyl siding, it has proven over and over that it is an excellent value and provides the ultimate in customer satisfaction as well.




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